Automotive packages


For Sale

35 Photos

Great photos sell cars. This package packs comprehensive photographic evidence of your vehicle for sale.

Even if you aren't thinking of selling immediately, be prepared the future.

Takes about 3 hours



35 Photos & Hardcover Book

Our For Sale package plus premium hard cover photo book with all photos from your session.

A great way to sell your car and keep the memories.

Takes about 3 hours



100 Photos, Archival Media, & 1 Min Film

A comprehensive documentation of your vehicle with full detail photography, prints, and video.

Museum grade treatment and the ultimate in automotive passion.

Takes about 24 hours


$100 p/hour

photographer select

1 hour minimum

Are you shooting headshots, models, or product photos and don't need our full 30x40 foot cyclorama stage?

The select package is budget friendly for photographers in need of less space. We have an assortment of paper backdrops. basic house lighting, and props included.

Our in-studio photography cart with 27" Mac can be used for on the fly shooting, review, or editing.

Welcome use of our lounge for your guests and clients during the shoot.

$150 p/hour

cyclorama RAMA

3 hour minimum

Planning a commercial, music video, or short film? Going to need a set large enough for your vision.

Our 30x40 cyclorama comes with climate control, lighting grid, and direct ground level load-in for sets and equipment.

Need cameras, audio, grip, and lighting? We work with all major rental houses.

In house production staff can be included for additional rates; to join your crew if Directors, DP's, Camera Ops, Audio Engineers, or Editors are needed.

$1500 p/day

studio Takeover

2 day minimum

Have a multi-day shoot, mini-series, or just want the whole place to yourself to work in peace on a closed set?

We offer full 24 hour access along with all amenities including full use of our editing bay, 150" screening projector, and reconfiguration of our workspaces to suit your team's needs.

Secured parking is available and we will work closely to make sure all 3,500 sq ft of ROC Austin feels just like home.

Automotive FAQ

YOUR Vehicle

Prep Tips

A clean car is best for our studio shoots. We recommend at least a wash, wipe-down, and vacuum before arriving and removal of loose items from the interior and trunk.

A full interior and exterior detail is highly recommended for the sale package. We do have detailing partners who can help.

You are always welcome to bring your own products or detailing professional. We will perform a basic inspection and touch up once your vehicle is staged.

Finally, we do have everything to fully prepare a car onsite if needed. Additional costs may apply so contact us prior to arriving for this arrangement.


Guest Services

Once inside, expect your vehicle to be with us from 1 to 3 hours. You and your guests are welcome to join us either in the studio or chill out in our front lounge area.

We have guest Wi-Fi and open desks if anyone needs to work. XBox, AppleTV, and books if you'd rather relax. There is a full convenience store next door for snack runs.

We have courtesy vehicles if you need to be picked up, dropped off, or run out during a extended photoshoots.

For our youngest guests you may want to bring some entertainment. We do have toys and games but only car stuff.

post process

Photo Delivery

After the shoot, expect 1 to 3 days for us to color correct, crop, and deliver your photos digitally.

Photos will be delivered via Google Drive either through our mini-site or email. We will provide both watermarked and non-watermarked images.

There are many creative options for printing your favorite shots, speak to us about these.

We may release video or photos of your car on our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Finally, if you had fun be sure to tell your fellow car friends, review us online, and plan on coming to see us often. We are here in service of car culture and Austin's amazing automotive community.



Studio Details

Total studio size is 3,500 sq ft with two HVAC zones, and two restrooms.

Two entrances up front and one large roll up door in the rear. Parking is in front.

Maximum occupancy for the studio is 40 persons and should not be exceeded.

Close proximity to Downtown, Austin-Bergstrom, and Austin Executive Airport.

High Speed Internet is Spectrum Cable 1000Mbit down / 30MBit up. It is suitable for live-streaming.

Cyclorama and other studio walls can be painted, re-painting fees do apply.

All house lighting is LED Daylight Balanced.


Production Insurance

Production insurance is required for all bookings on our main cyclorama stage.

We require a minimum of $50k of general liability and certificate of insurance.

We do require waivers of liability for anyone coming onsite during production.

We work with all major insurance companies and rental houses in Austin.

Cancellation and other fees will apply for any reservations that fail to meet our insurance requirements.

If you need assistance, please contact us early.


Studio Limitations

We do not allow for any alterations of the building's roof, walls, electrical, or plumbing systems.

Live events open to the public or parties of any sort prohibited. So are ticketed performances and exhibitions.

No pyro-technics, sparks, or other hazardous effects are allowed on set.

No production that violates local, state, or federal law. Including hate speech.

No pornography. We love you, just can't.

Damage to our Cyclorama, lighting, or audio video equipment is subject to full replacement cost and additional fees.